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How can I purchase a gift voucher?

All you have to do is fill out our Gift Voucher form which we can then either send to the person you want, or which you can pick up in our living room. You can also simply drop by to buy one. In the case of a shipment, advance payment by TWINT or bank transfer is possible.

How is a typical massage?

We will install you in a room where you will be alone in order to prepare for the massage (please do not use your phone during the session and put it on silent out of respect for the other clients).

(Generally speaking, massages take place without clothes, but you can keep them on, except for oil massages)

Then the massage begins for the determined duration and with the scheduled masseuse.

After the massage, we accompany you quietly.

According to our occupancy rate of the day, it happens that we have space and that it is possible. Please use the form and possibly call if we do not respond within the hour.

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